Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Resume and Business Cards

My New Logo

Business Cards with working QR Code

and Resume

Package Redesign

The Dimensions and How to Build the Box

The Box Built

Dimensions for Point of Purchase 

and P.O.P. Built


Redesign of Otter Pops Packaging


Fundraiser Display

This Was Made to Collect 400 Cereal Boxes for the Non-Profit Organization 
Community's Child

Advertising Campaign

New Product Rollout

Poster Designs & Vector Art

Posters and Contextuals

Original Movie Poster

Vector Illustration of Concept Car

Car Used for Auto Show Billboard

Contextual of Billboard 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Vector Illustrations

Vector Illustrations of some of my favorite Video Game Villain

Along With Wanted Adds

Along With a Contextual of All 3 On a Wall

Shirt Logos

My version of a Steam Punk Arc Reactor

Along with contextual of how they would look on shirts

DigiInk Club Logo