Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rad Rays

Glasses for a product i was advertising for secret agents prescription glasses that had different uses

Will be adding more about this later... XP

That's 70's Munch

Here is a template of a product package i created for chocolate covered pretzels...

Will be adding more on this later... XP

Life Drawing

Here are some gesture drawing I made during my life drawing class

Along with a character I created of a samuri girl

The Triangle Complex

Here are 2 movie poster I created based off of me and if my life was a movie, the first is a poster made entirely out of text, the other images I had taken of me in 3 different personas, one as myself, me as a hero and me as a villain.

Concept Car

Here is an illustration I made based of a concept car that i made on Illustrator and how I used it for a poster for an auto show

Race to 400

Here is a wall graphic of a cereal box along with the posters and donated sheets for a non-profit fund raiser to collect 400 cereal boxes

The charactatures where made my Lillian Martinez

DigiINK Logo

A logo I helped create for our school art club "digiINK"